Mayor's Message

Dear People of Gülşehir, First of all, I would like to express that I am proud and happy to be with you, my dear fellow citizens. I am very honored to have taken office as the Mayor of Gülşehir. Aware of this responsibility, we will strive to serve you and make our district a more beautiful, more livable place. During our term of office, we will develop projects that touch every corner of Gülşehir and meet the needs of our people in the best possible way. We will work day and night to produce innovative and sustainable solutions in every field, from education to health, from infrastructure to social services. We will develop our district together with your support and participation. Our municipality's new web page will be an important platform that will further strengthen your communication with us in this process. From here, you can get detailed information about our municipal services, follow our projects and send us your thoughts and suggestions. Your ideas and suggestions will be very valuable and guiding for us. I have full faith that we will take great steps together to make Gülşehir a more livable, more modern and more peaceful city. I will be very happy to walk with you hand in hand and heart to heart on this path. We will work with determination and determination to bring our beautiful district to the place it deserves. Love and respect,

Erkan Çiftci

Mayor of Gülşehir