Mayor's CV

Erkan Çiftci

Mayor of Gülşehir

Erkan Çiftci was born in 1979 as a valuable son of Gülşehir. After completing his education adventure in Gülşehir and successfully graduating from Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration, he started his business life, which he started in 1995 and continues to this day. He contributed to the economic development of Gülşehir with his experiences in various sectors such as agriculture, automotive and jewelery. Deciding to use the knowledge he gained in the field of commerce for the future of Gülşehir, he served as the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Jewelery Sector Committee. During this period, he carried out important work to increase the trade potential of the city and support the business world. As of 2024, he entered the elections under the umbrella of the Nationalist Movement Party and was elected as the Mayor of Gülşehir by 61.14% of Gülşehir. Acting with a strong strategy for the future of Gülşehir, it works determinedly to further the development and prosperity of our district. As married and father of two children, Erkan Çiftci always keeps his responsibilities to his family and city at the highest level, and at the same time, he continues his path with determination for the progress of Gülşehir.